Perla Tamez

Perla’s story begins in Hidalgo, TX where she was born and raised by immigrant parents. Their lessons of hard work and dedication were ingrained in her from a very young age, leading her to found her first company at the young age of 21. Today, Perla Tamez is a visionary serial entrepreneur and licensed speech therapist. After creating 19 companies in 11 industries, she has generated over 9 digits of revenue through her businesses. Perla combines her passion for business and philanthropy in her pediatric clinics and advocacy for children’s rights and health policies, leading her to join the We Are All Humans foundation in 2020. She has since become the director of community operations in this foundation, comprised of a team of leaders in the U.S. who have impacted over 400,000 families and distributed over $7 Million in household products. Over the past decade, Perla has dedicated her life to inspiring others to unleash their true potential. For this reason, she has founded the Love Soldiers Foundation with the mission of supporting other nonprofit organizations through education, strategic planning and execution of operations, and volunteers who contribute to the quality-of-life in their communities. Perla believes that her business experiences and life learnings can be a tool for others to succeed.

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Dalexa Fernandez

Coach, mentor, and transformational leadership engineer. Through Dalexa’s professional and personal reinvention, she now accompanies others in their search of a purpose greater than themselves. To her, connecting people to the love within them is the first step in building a legacy of love for humanity. In her project ‘Infinity’, Dalexa integrates her experience of more than 13 years in the international oil and gas industry with her life’s purpose of inspiring others to follow their heart to achieve their dreams and goals. She effectively synchronizes the planning, execution, and implementation of projects and manages high-performance teams. Always leading with ideals of service, love, and freedom, she fosters a full understanding of the leadership needed in these times.

Program Director

Love Soldiers Foundation

Nobody would describe life as easy, but it is a blank slate with endless possibilities of what you could do with it. In the trying times we live in now, more and more people are losing sight of their true motivations and wants from this life due to the stress of trying to get by. However, with the right support and insight, anybody can get back on track to actualizing their deepest goals. At LSF, we believe helping people is a ripple effect. Helped people help more people, and that is why we founded this organization.




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