Our Vision

We firmly believe in the tactile power of connection. There is no better source of information than the human network.Our goal is to have one hub in every state to serve as a home for Organizations who want to make the world a better place. Through our vast network, we can connect them to educated volunteers who will directly impact their success in making a difference for their community.

About Us

Who are love soldiers?

Love soldiers are people who recognize that life can be a battlefield with hardships and distractions that are looming constantly. In the name of love, for themselves and the people around them, they live closely to the fundamentals of fulfilment and freedom to ignite acts of kindness around the world.

love soldiers foundation team

Love Soldiers Foundation

Nobody would describe life as easy, but it is a blank slate with endless possibilities of what you could do with it. In the trying times we live in now, more and more people are losing sight of their true motivations and wants from this life due to the stress of trying to get by. However, with the right support and insight, anybody can get back on track to actualizing their deepest goals. At LSF, we believe helping people is a ripple effect. Helped people help more people, and that is why we founded this organization.





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